Choosing Wardrobes With Shelves

In a bedroom, a wardrobe with shelves is an ideal solution for storing clothes. Although it is not always possible to build in built-in storage, some spaces don’t allow for the same design. The AURDAL series comes in several styles and enables you to create a unique combination of closed and open storage. The design is also versatile, allowing you to mix and match the types of shelving for the best storage space.

For smaller spaces, a freestanding wardrobe with shelves and drawers can be the ideal solution. A matching peg rail provides space for hanging towels. Other storage solutions can be added to the wardrobe, such as matching baskets for spare bedding and accessories. These storage options make your bedroom appear more cohesive, while helping you to keep your clothes neat and organised. If your wardrobe doesn’t have shelves, you can still store summer clothes on top of it.

The first wardrobes with shelves were designed as a functional piece of furniture. They were typically made of wood, but in the nineteenth century, they evolved into more modern styles. This design now often has two shelves, a press and hanging cupboards at each end, and drawers below. While mahogany was the most common wood used to make these furniture pieces, it wasn’t uncommon for wardrobes to be made of exotic or contrasting woods. Inlaid wardrobes became popular, especially in the Louis XV and Art Deco styles, and furniture styles like Chippendale and Sheraton used highly polished and carved woods to create their cherished pieces.

Another useful solution for small bedrooms is the mirrored wardrobe. These storage solutions include a built-in mirror and have multiple storage spaces, as well as double doors with shelves. They also come with three hooks on the opposite side. The mirrored wardrobes have triple doors and can support up to 10kg of storage material. This style is perfect for people who have limited storage space but still need a lot of storage space. This is one of the easiest storage solutions for a small bedroom.

Although wardrobes with shelves come in a variety of styles, the materials used in their construction are important. You need to be sure that the material you choose is both moisture and temperature-resistant. A wardrobe made from cedar wood is a great choice because the wood helps to absorb moisture, which discourages moths. But cedar wood is also expensive, so it’s not practical for every home. Plywood and MDF are more common materials for wardrobes with shelves. These materials are sturdy and durable, but have a less aesthetic appeal.

If you have the space, you can install two or more hanging rails in the closet. When selecting wardrobes with hanging rails, make sure to check the minimum vertical clearance between the rails and the top of the wardrobe. If you plan to install a coat wardrobe, make sure to choose one with a depth of 28 to 30 inches. This is so the coat sleeves won’t get caught between the door panels.